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BoRit Asbestos

Name Site Role Organization Email Phone
Rovira, Eduardo OSC U.S. EPA rovira.eduardo@epa.gov 215.814.3436
Lowe, Jill RPM U.S. EPA lowe.jill@epa.gov 215.814.3123
Deitzel, Carrie Community Involvement Coordinator EPA deitzel.carrie@epa.gov 215.814.5525
Evans, Vance Community Involvement Coordinator U.S. EPA evans.vance@epa.gov 215.814.5526
Smith, Bonnie Press Officer U.S. EPA smith.bonnie@epa.gov 215.814.5543
Eiseman, Robin Attorney U.S. EPA Eiseman.robin@epa.gov 215.814.2612
Creamer, Charlene Site Assessment Manager U.S. EPA creamer.charlene@epa.gov 215.814.2145
Ioven, Dawn EPA Toxicologist U.S. EPA ioven.dawn@epa.gov 215.814.3320
Markiewicz, Karl ATSDR Toxicologist ATSDR markiewicz.karl@epa.gov 215.814.3149
Cherry, Timothy PADEP Representative PADEP tcherry@state.pa.us 484.250.5728
Allerton, Barbara PADOH Representative PADOH ballerton@state.pa.us 717.346.3283