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Route 203


All Documents [15]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
For Public_DLRT_Off-Property Residential Supply Well Activities Work Plan 20220323.pdf March 2022 Residential Supply Well Activities Work Plan Report 3/24/2022 7193 KB Download
EPA_Route203_CommUpdate_March2022_FINAL.pdf Community Update, March 2022 Fact Sheet 3/24/2022 722 KB Download
Route203_CommUpdate_Dec2021 Final.pdf Community Update, December 2021 Fact Sheet 12/1/2021 353 KB Download
Route 203 COAG 20210528 Ramboll Second Interim Deliverable Soil Sed GW Results.pdf Interim Deliverable Soil, Sediment, Groundwater_20210528 Report 9/16/2021 31330 KB Download
DLRT_REPT 20210810 Ramboll Final Investigation Report.pdf Ramboll Final Investigation Report_20210810 Report 9/16/2021 288568 KB Download
Route 203 COAG 20210326 First Interim Deliverable UST Drum and Vessel Results Tables.xlsx Tank and Drum Sample Results XCEL table Data 9/15/2021 55 KB Download
Route 203 COAG 20210326 First Interim Deliverable UST Drum and Vessel Results.pdf Tank and Drum Report - Interim Deliverable Report 9/15/2021 8003 KB Download
Route 203 Site Fact Sheet_September 2021_Final.pdf Community Update, September 2021 Fact Sheet 9/15/2021 960 KB Download
Route 203 Site Community Update No. 1 - March 2020.pdf Community Update, March 2020 Fact Sheet 3/31/2020 269 KB Download
Route 203 Site Fact Sheet_March2019.pdf Fact Sheet, March 2019 Fact Sheet 3/31/2020 307 KB Download
Route 203 ASAOC signed.pdf Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent AOC 3/6/2020 20886 KB Download
190806_Route203_RS_Report_ElectronicVersion.pdf Removal Assessment Report (Properties adjacent to Route 203 Property) Report 2/28/2020 150674 KB Download
DLRT_REPT 20200221 OBG Removal Sampling Work Plan.pdf Removal Sampling Workplan (OBG) Report 2/28/2020 69814 KB Download
190523_Route203_RS_Report_ElectronicVersion.pdf Removal Assessment Report - Route 203 Property Report 2/28/2020 278863 KB Download
190611_Route203_RS_Report_ElectronicVersion.pdf Removal Assessment Report - Residential tap Water Report 2/28/2020 24526 KB Download