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Minot ND Floods-2011


All Documents [19]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Waste Summary Report092211.pdf Final Tally of waste streams collected and/or processed by EPA Report 9/27/2011 301 KB Download
Total Count as of 092111.pdf Total Daily Count as of 9/21/11 Report 9/21/2011 292 KB Download
Disposal Recycle Quantities Summary Report091911.pdf Disposal Recycle Quantities as of 9/19/11 Report 9/19/2011 40 KB Download
Disposal Recycle Weights Summary Report 091011.pdf Disposal Weights Summary Report as of 9/10/11. Report 9/10/2011 24 KB Download
ZAI Collection Status Report_08182011.docx Update of Asbestos Cleanup Work and Associated Issues as of 8/18/2011 Report 8/19/2011 19 KB Download
ZAI Collection Work Plan.docx Work Plan for the collection of materials containing Zonolite Attic Insulation (ZAI) plan 8/18/2011 111 KB Download
Minot Floods- Asbestos Discussion-08-16-2011.docx Abestos/ZAI Issue White Paper issue paper 8/18/2011 2789 KB Download
Household Hazardous Waste Collection Trends 8-13-11.rtf Summary of Container Collection Information and Trends as of August 12, 2011 Report 8/13/2011 34 KB Download
FINAL Vermiculite Fact Sheet 7-25-11.doc FINAL Vermiculite Fact Sheet Fact Sheet 7/28/2011 189 KB Download
M53673 PCM Preliminary Report 7-23-2011 147 - Minot ND Flooding.pdf preliminary PCM asbestos data report Data 7/26/2011 359 KB Download
M53665 PCM Preliminary Report 7-22-2011 147 - Minot ND Flooding.pdf preliminary PCM asbestos data repoerted on July 25, 2011 Data 7/26/2011 380 KB Download
Minot_Air_Monitoring_Locations.pdf air sampling locations Map 7/21/2011 310 KB Download
all debris zones.pdf map of flood zones Map 7/21/2011 294 KB Download
Air Monitoring Plan For The Minot ND Flood 2011.docx Air Monitoring Plan plan 7/21/2011 13 KB Download
Ward County MA.pdf ND Floods Ward County Full MA Mission Assignment 7/15/2011 135 KB Download
Ward County Initial Funding.pdf ND Floods Ward County Initial Funding MA Mission Assignment 7/15/2011 134 KB Download
ND MA JFO Staffing 2.pdf ND Floods JFO Staffing Second MA Mission Assignment 7/15/2011 132 KB Download
ND MA JFO Staffing 1.pdf ND Floods JFO Staffing MA Mission Assignment 7/15/2011 132 KB Download
City of Velva MA.pdf ND Floods City of Velva ESF 10 MA Mission Assignment 7/15/2011 134 KB Download