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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response
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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
Valley Drive Abandoned SlurryKalispellMTPaul Peronard10/06/2022Yes---
Wolff Street ChemicalsDenverCOTodd DeGarmo10/06/2022Yes---
Broken Arrow Landfill SiteBroken ArrowOKDavid Robertson10/06/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
North Lower Western MI (NLWM) Planning Sub- AreaAnn ArborMIElizabeth Nightingale / Jackie Cole / Josh Peters10/06/2022No---
Allied LeatherBoscawenNHKaren Way10/06/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
H2S in South and North CarolinaCatawbaSCU.S. EPA Region 4 | 404-562-840010/06/2022Yes---
Des Moines TCE Building RemovalDes MoinesIATim Curry10/06/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Geographic Response StrategiesBostonMAKaren Way10/06/2022No---
Des Moines TCE Southern Pond Area RemovalDes MoinesIATim Curry10/06/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Inland Sensitivity Atlas (ISA)WillowbrookILBarbi Lee10/05/2022No---
Region 9 Training ResourcesSignal HillCARobert Wise10/05/2022No---
JB Paper CompanyPittsfieldMAAllyson Bowden10/05/2022Yes---
Squannacook Sportsmans ClubGrotonMAAllyson Bowden10/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Illinois Mapping GovernmentWillowbrookILJacob Hassan10/05/2022No---
Indiana Mapping GovernmentWillowbrookINJason Sewell10/05/2022No---
Rico Argentine MineRicoCOPaul Peronard10/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Manila LodeMontezumaCOPaul Peronard10/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Chudnow Iron and Metal Co.MilwaukeeWIRobert Kondreck10/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Charlestown Mall Fire SiteFrankfortNYTerry Kish10/05/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Diamond Hard ChromeClevelandOHEric Pohl & Jackie Cole10/04/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Woods Woolen MillHillsboroNHMichael Cofsky10/04/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Region 3 Inland Area CommitteePhiladelphiaPAMyles Bartos10/04/2022Yes---
Hudson Falls Powerhouse and Allen Mill SiteVillage of Hudson FallsNYDavid Rosoff10/04/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
VIPER Monitoring SystemEdisonNJJoe Schaefer10/04/2022No---
Hatch Street Mercury ReleaseNew BritainCTDaniel Burgo10/04/2022YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
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