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Emergency Response Technical Group (ERTG)

Site Contact:
Michael Hoppe


Site Location:
2890 Woodbridge Ave.
Edison, NJ 08837

For More Information Contact: Josephine Martin, Sam Borries, Pete Guria, Shannon Serre.  borries.samuel@epa.gov; guria.peter@epa.gov; martin.josephine@epa.gov; serre.shannon@epa.gov. 

This site provides information, the most recently updated equipment list, SOGs and SOPs that the ERTG is developing, Quick Start Guides for equipment, useful presentations, and more.

The ERTG mission is to enhance emergency response planning, preparedness, and technical capabilities of On Scene Coordinators (OSCs) to respond to oil and hazardous material incidents. This is accomplished through assembling a highly experienced and technical group of Regional OSCs, Special Teams, Headquarters, and ORD personnel to provide cross regional coordination, information sharing, reach back support, standardization of procedures, equipment evaluation, interoperability of equipment, and national consistency. Objectives also include the development of response tools/guidance, policy recommendations, and coordination with other national workgroups on appropriate guidance and products.