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Electrosonics Site

Site Contact:
Catherine Young
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Route 9A
Spofford Village
Chesterfield, NH

The Site, located in a mixed commercial and residential area in Chesterfield, NH, is comprised of two separate and abutting parcels totalling approximtely 0.4 acre. The Site includes: two main commercial buildings, one small building that formerly housed a portion of an industrial wastewater treatment facility and a septic leachfield used by both parcels.

The Electro-Sonics facility, which also included a third parcel on the south side of Route 9A, conducted printed circuit board manufacturing until operations ceased in 1984. It has been reported that between 1968 and 1974, Electro-Sonics discharged untreated wastewater contaminated with various volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and heavy metals into an on-site leachfield. This caused the leachfield to suffer frequent surface breakouts that resulted in waste effluent flows into Partridge Brook. Other reports have indicated that portions of the wastewater were discharged into an area understood to be the earthen basement floor of the original mill building. It is believed that for several years, after a newly built wastewater treatment facility was brought on-line in 1974, there were no discharges into the ground or the Partridge Brook.

After circuit board manufacturing operations ceased in 1984, different portions of the former Electro-Sonics facility were used for warehouse and office space by several owners/operators. Various commercial tenants currently occupy and use different portions of one of the buildings. A largest portion of the building is utilized as a furniture refurbishing workshop with other smaller portions being used as storage/warehouse space by several small businesses.

See the Action Memorandum provided below for additional history and environmental specific information.

For additional information, visit the Pollution Report (POLREPS) section.