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Chromcraft Plating Site

Site Contact:
Steve Spurlin
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
1 Quality Lane
Senatobia, MS 38668

The Chromcraft Site is a former furniture manufacturing facility located in Senatobia, Tate county, Mississippi. The facility ceased operations in May 2014. The facility conducted chrome plating of metal furniture parts and produced foam material for use with furniture production. There are various hazardous substances, including chromic acid, RCRA corrosive liquids, and cyanide compounds associated with the plating and foam production processes.

The Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality (MSDEQ) recently conducted an inspection at the Site. MSDEQ observed deteriorating containers of suspected hazardous substances, large vats contained chromic acid, and evidence of releases of hazardous substances. The MSDEQ contacted EPA’s ERRPB to request the Site be evaluated. OSC Spurlin began emergency response operations on 11/1/2016 to address leaking drums and containers of hazardous substances.