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Smart Road Dump Site

Site Contact:
Steve Spurlin


Site Location:
2316 Smart Road
Como, MS 38619
NRC#: 792615

The MS DEQ was contacted the evening of 3/30 by MEMA at the request of the Panola Co. EMA regarding an illegal dump of suspected paint waste. DEQ requested EPA mobilize an OSC on 3/31. OSC Spurlin arrived on-site 3/31. An estimated 300 , 5 gal. containers had been dumped in a ditch adjacent to an unnamed crk. leading to Senatobia crk, a tributary to the Arkabutla Creek. Material is suspected to be paint, solvents/thinners, epoxies, resins, and tars. Many containers were broken and suspected paint waste was observed on the soils and a milky liquid was pooled in the bottom of the ditch.

Local haz-mat and law enforcement were on-scene and had constructed a berm around the dump area to prevent direct run-off to the creek. Some milky and dark liquid material was released to the creek. Boom was deployed in the creek.

The OSC initiated an emergency action under his Warrant authority and hired a local haz-mat contractor, USES, to remove and secure the containers, consolidate waste materials, and eventually dispose of the waste. EPAs CID-Jackson, MS agent had been notified and plans to visit the site the first of the week.

OSC Spurlin and a TN & A START contractor continue to monitor the cleanup by USES. Containers are being removed from the ditch and staged on-site; Contaminated water will be pumped from the ditch and temporarily stored on-site. Impacted soils will be removed from the ditch and staged on-site until disposal arrangements re finalized. Similar materials are being consolidated and samples will be collected for investigation and disposal purposes. This initial action is anticipated to continue until 4/5.