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ICS Forms

Site Contact:
Steve Ridenour
National NIT/N-IMAT Coordinator


Site Location:
Washington, DC 20460

Provides response personnel with ICS forms specific to EPA's unique response requirements. The content of the forms is consistent with those utilized by the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) agencies and the U.S. Coast Guard. Both PDF and MS Word versions of the ICS forms are posted here. In addition, the Agency has developed a number of other electronic solutions that can replace the electronic ICS forms here. Latest versions of these  applications can be found in the Links section of this page for logged-in users.

  • a PowerApps application to help manage the ICS 211 Check in/out process
  • Two PowerApps applications to help manage the ICS 213RR process (Power 213RR and PowerBoard apps, respectively). 
  • A OneNote application to help manage and share documentation within the ICS 214 Unit Activity Log

If you any questions regarding the appropriate use of the forms, please refer to the EPA Incident Management Handbook (IMH) or the EPA ICS position-specific job aids which are located on another response.epa.gov website under the HQ logo, entitled "NIMS Integration Team."