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Fowlkes Asphalt Spill

Site Contact:
Steve Spurlin


Site Location:
Fowlkes, TN 38033
NRC#: 985238

At 0530hrs on 08/08/2011 a tanker truck traveling south from Dyersburg, TN on highway 51 wrecked and the cab caught on fire. The trailer was half hanging over a small bridge and was leaking asphalt down into a gully below. TEMA personnel are on scene and expect that the trailer will lose it's full load of 5,000 gallons of asphalt as well as the two saddle tanks of diesel fuel. The RP has hired HEPACO to conduct the clean-up and they are in route to the spill site. The spill is located 0.5 miles from the South Fork of the Forked Deer River and has a direct pathway to the river via a drainage ditch. Due to the threat of release of oil to Waters of the US OSC Steve Spurlin was dispatched to the scene to ensure the response.