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Eden NC Coal Ash Spill

Site Contact:
Kenneth Rhame (Region 4) & Myles Bartos (Region 3)


Site Location:
900 S. Edgewood RD.
Eden, NC 27288
NRC#: 1073018

EPA North Carolina outpost OSC (On-Scene Coordinator) received a phone call from North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources at 4:45 pm on 2/3/2014 requesting assistance in responding to a coal ash pond release that occurred on 2/2/2014.

The release of coal ash occurred at the Dan River Steam Station (Duke Energy) north of Eden, NC in Rockingham County. The estimated volume of ash released is between 50,000 tons and 82,000 tons. Also,approximately 27 million gallons of ash pond water waste released. The released ash and water was discharged to the Dan River. Attempts to secure release were reported to be unsuccessful. NC DENR requested an EPA presence for technical assistance.

Given proximity to the spill site and the potential impact of VA waters, Region 4 requested crossover support from its backup Region (EPA Region 3). Per our request, Region 3 deployed OSC Chris Wagner to the scene (about 3 hours away). Kevin Eichinger and Jose Negron, R4, were deployed from Atlanta.

A 48” slip-joint concrete and corrugated steel storm sewer line that runs under the ash pond failed. Coal ash and ash pond water flowed into the failed section of the line, and then to the Dan River. The 48" sewer line and a 36" sewer line that both run under the coal ash impoundment have been sealed. Crews are currently removing accessible coal ash from the Dan River and sampling drinking water, surface water and river sediments.

  • Information Update #1
  • Information Update #2
  • Information Update #3

    Go to EPA Region 4's Public Website Duke Energy Ash Spill into the Dan River for access to all validated EPA sample results for drinking water, surface water and river sediment

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