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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response
Region 7 - IA, KS, MO, NE

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Region 7 - IA, KS, MO, NE

699 websites
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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
Des Moines TCE Building RemovalDes MoinesIATim Curry10/06/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Des Moines TCE Southern Pond Area RemovalDes MoinesIATim Curry10/06/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
R7 Regional Response TeamLenexaKSEric Nold09/22/2022No---
EPA Region 7 Response and Planning Viewer - Public VersionLenexaKSJeff Pritchard09/22/2022No---
Great Rivers Subarea Spill Coordination GroupWyattMOSharon Kennedy09/21/2022No---
ST LOUIS SUBAREACounties Surrounding Metropolitan St. LouisMOJessica Evans09/21/2022No---
Rath Buildings TBAWaterlooIALisa Dunning09/21/2022Yes---
Newton County Residential YardsGranbyMOJessica Evans09/20/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Sunshine LaundryFort DodgeIATodd Davis09/16/2022Yes---
Oronogo-Duenweg EBL ERJoplinMOJames Johnson09/07/2022YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Citizens Gas & Electric CoCouncil BluffsIASharon Kennedy08/31/2022Yes---
Siouxland Subarea31 counties surrounding Sioux CityIABrianne Stubblefield08/30/2022No---
VTLHR OU00 - Site Wide Haul Roads PRP Non-Time CriticalReynolds, Iron & Dent CountiesMOKirk Mammoliti08/26/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
VTLHR OU2 - City of Viburnum Fund-Lead Time CriticalViburnumMOKirk Mammoliti08/26/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
VTLHR OU2 - City of Viburnum PRP Non-Time CriticalViburnumMOKirk Mammoliti08/26/2022Yes---
Central Kansas Wetlands SubareaBarton, Reno, Rice, Sedgwick and Stafford CountiesKSDaniel O’Crowley07/28/2022No---
General Motors-SCSioux CityIASharon Kennedy07/18/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Toastmaster Macon SiteMaconMOJohn Frey07/08/2022YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
South-Central Nebraska SubareaKearneyNETimothy Curry06/27/2022No---
QUAD CITIES SUBAREA PLANNINGDavenportIAJoe Davis06/27/2022No---
Omaha-Council Bluffs SubAreaOmaha/Council Bluffs AreaNEJohn Frey06/27/2022No---
PCE Carriage CleanersBellevueNEMichael Davis06/10/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Highway 3 PCE - RV002Le MarsIAJeff Pritchard06/01/2022YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Mercury Boys and Girls HomeSioux CityIADoug Ferguson04/07/2022YesPRP OversightCERCLARemoval Action
31st and Prospect Corridor TBAKansas CityMOLisa Dunning03/30/2022Yes---
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