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Omaha Lead OU2 RV3

Site Contact:
Brendan Martin


Site Location:
Omaha, NE 68107

On January 9, 2024, the EPA Removal Program received a referral from the EPA Remedial Program to evaluate two adjacent residential properties for Removal Action under the Omaha Lead site, Operable Unit (OU) 2. An assessment of these properties, performed under a cooperative agreement between the EPA Remedial Program and the city of Omaha, identified smelter waste exposed at the surface of both properties. Field screening of the smelter waste confirmed the presence of lead at up to 36,770 parts per million (ppm).

On June 10, 2024, EPA mobilized to the site and initiated the remediation of the two residential properties. EPA will excavate the contaminated soil and transport the soil to appropriate disposal facilities. EPA will backfill the excavated area with clean topsoil and restore a vegetative cover. 

Additional progress updates will be provided here when available.


Omaha Lead Site Background
The property is located within the Omaha Lead National Priority List (NPL) site, which encompasses 27 square miles within Omaha, Nebraska. The Omaha Lead NPL site is centered around downtown, bordered on the east by the Missouri River, where two former lead-processing facilities operated. Historical processing of lead ore has led to the dispersion of contamination across the city.

The City of Omaha, under a cooperative agreement with EPA, is currently addressing lead-contaminated residential properties across the Site. The City of Omaha is performing the remaining soil sampling, soil remediation, and the exterior lead-based paint stabilizations within the Site.

More information on the Omaha Lead NPL site activities can be found at https://cumulis.epa.gov/supercpad/cursites/csitinfo.cfm?id=0703481.