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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response

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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
NIMS Integration TeamWashingtonDCSteve Ridenour01/20/2023No---
ICS FormsWashingtonDCSteve Ridenour01/19/2023No---
ICS Institute ResourcesWashingtonDCSteve Ridenour12/20/2022No---
ESF #10: Oil/HazMat Response ResourcesWashingtonDCMeaghan Bresnahan11/17/2022No---
2012 updated ICS 300/400 CourseLas VegasNVRay Ledbetter10/20/2022No---
Resource Unit Tool BoxWashingtonDCSteve Ridenour02/17/2022No---
SERC-TERC Monthly UpdatesWashingtonDCRebecca Broussard01/31/2022No---
Border Project 2025 Goal 4WashingtonDCJane Kepler09/01/2021No---
Safety Officer ToolboxWashingtonDCBrian Kovak06/04/2021No---
Training and Exercise Planning WorkgroupWashingtonDCMeaghan Bresnahan02/19/2020No---
Environmental Unit Tool BoxWashingtonDCJoe Schaefer09/11/2019No---
Hurricane Florence ResponseWashingtonDCEPA Public Affairs09/03/2019Yes---
Logistics Section Chief Tool BoxWashingtonDCSerdar Ertep08/26/2019No---
Planning Section Tool BoxWashington, DCDCSteven Renninger08/21/2019No --
EPA Situation Unit Leader MaterialsSeattleWAScott Augustine05/31/2019No-Stafford Act-
Area Contingency Planning WorkgroupWashingtonDCBeatriz M. Oliveira10/09/2018No---
Environmental Unit Leader Course 2018SeattleWAJoAnn Eskelsen09/27/2018No---
2017 Responses Sign-In/Sign-Out LogsWashingtonDCRob Fox09/14/2018No---
OSC Readiness Workgroup (Task Force)Washington DCDCLaura Casillas06/14/2018No---
ICS 300/400 CERTIFIED INSTRUCTORSWashingtonDCJoAnn Eskelsen05/16/2018No---
Hurricane Irma ResponseHurricane Irma ResponseDCPublic Affairs10/31/2017Yes---
Homeland Security ResearchCincinnatiOHKathy Nickel05/17/2017No---
EPA's Emergency Responder Health and Safety ManualWashingtonDCChristopher Gallo02/11/2016No---
WMD Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)WashingtonDCRebecca Connell07/29/2013No---
Green ResponseWashingtonDCAlyssa Hughes10/29/2012No---
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