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American Recycling

Site Contact:
Matthew Loesel


Site Location:
13041 LA-1, Oil City
Oil City, LA 71061

The American Recycling Company Superfund Site is a former lead recycling facility that operated from approximately 1980 to 1985. As part of its process, the facility received scrap battery materials from various suppliers. The facility processed the scrap battery materials to derive products such as elemental lead, plastic (polypropylene), lead oxide and hard rubber. In 1985, the then owner abandoned the facility leaving large amounts of battery scrap and other wastes.

The Property encompasses approximately 2.6 acres and includes a processing building, a neutralization tank, a 40,000-gallon concrete evaporation reservoir, a divided basin and a subsurface ramp attached to a landing area.

Based on the Removal Site Evaluations done in September 2019 through February 2020, a determination was made that a Removal action was warranted due to elevated lead levels. EPA mobilized to the site on April 1, 2024 to begin the site preparation and actual removal action.


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