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Cheboygan Tissue Fire

Site Contact:
Corey Peaslee


Site Location:
502 S. Main Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721
NRC#: 1378960

Update: As of June 2024, the CERCLA hazardous substances on the site have been removed from the site and disposed of, and the removal action has completed. Additional sampling was conducted and confirmed that no contaminants had affected the soil or groundwater near the site above EPA's action levels. Site security is planned to be returned to the owner. 

A fire occurred at 502 N Main St in Cheboygan, Michigan on September 13th, 2023 at approximately 11AM local time. Local and State responders promptly deployed, and EPA assistance was requested by Michigan EGLE and the County EMA to assist in air monitoring and sampling, in addition to aiding in protection of the Cheboygan River and the surrounding residences. 

During the emergency response phase of the incident, EPA conducted air monitoring and sampling in the surrounding communities, booming of the outfalls and collection of debris from the site to the Cheboygan River, asbestos sampling and collection of debris ejected by the fire into the surrounding community, and collection, sampling, disposal of firefighting water used during the response. 

The owner of the facility conducted actions to address concerns on the site, including the removal of several thousand cubic yards of coal ash, abatement and removal of a conveyor bridge that overhung Main St and posed a health and safety hazard to workers and the public, asbestos abatement and demolition of the northeast office of the warehouse, and demolition of the south and northwest portions of the warehouse. 

As of March 18, 2024, EPA began conducting a time critical removal action to address the remaining waste material onsite, including a catch basin where PCBs were detected, and the large quantity of mixed recyclable waste remaining. EPA continues to coordinate with the State of Michigan (including EGLE and MDHHS), Cheboygan County, and the City of Cheboygan in response to this incident.