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Eden NC Coal Ash Spill

Name Site Role Organization Email Phone
Eichinger, Kevin Incident Command R4 EPA OSC eichinger.kevin@epa.gov 404-562-8268
Bartos, Myles Incident Command R3 EPA OSC bartos.myles@epa.gov
Wagner, Christine Operations Section Chief R3 EPA OSC wagner.christine@epa.gov
Williamson, Carter Operations Section Chief USEPA R4 ERRB williamson.carter@epa.gov 404-562-8742
Franco, Ben Planning Section Chief USEPA R4 ERRB franco.benjamin@epa.gov 404-562-8758
Humphrey, Alan Technical Expert EPA ERT humphrey.alan@epa.gov
Miller, Angela Public Information EPA Region 4 CIC miller.angela@epa.gov
Taylor, Trish Public Information R3 EPA CIC taylor.trish@epa.gov
Wenning, Stephanie Data Management R3 EPA OSC Wenning.Stephanie@epa.gov
Gaughan, Perry FOSC USEPA R4 ERRB gaughan.perry@epa.gov 404-562-8817